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Do you love apple iTunes but can't use it because you have an Android based Smartphone? You may not worry now because there are many ways to use iTunes For Android Mobile Phones. There are many applications on Android which have the same theme as the iTunes have. These applications only change the theme of your Android Music Player and give it a look of iTunes.

NOTE: Pandora and Spotify are both popular music streaming services, built to help users find their best music. From the comparision of Pandora vs Spotify Premium, know the best one. Although there are thousands of apps for streaming music two names that appear the most are Pandora and Spotify. The difference is that Pandora lets you add as many starter songs to set a base, while Spotify allows for only one song. Pandora Premium will offer a dynamic user interface, changing the color scheme of the Now Playing screen based on the art of the song you're listening to.

Due to which it becomes very hard finding the app which actually helps you to use iTunes On Android Mobile Phones. iTunes is one of the best music players which everyone wants to have on their Mobile Phones. But there are many problems or you can say there are many bugs while using iTunes on Android Devices.

These bugs are very common in nature like iTunes on Android may make your phone slow down or sometimes your Phone may lack due to it. Yes, But if you have a really good processor with enough physical memory which is required by the app then your phone might not lack but still there are chances that your phone may lack because bugs are in the application not due to the processor and memory of your Android based Smart Phones.

Download iTunes for Android Devices:

The official iTunes application from Apple Inc. has many bugs due to which you phone may get slow or have any other processing problems. Either you can use the iTunes application to listen to your saved Tunes or else you can also Sync it to save the tunes on your Android Device which helps to access your Tunes even when you're offline.

To be frank, there is only one App which allows you to use iTunes, That's the official one. Otherwise, all the other apps allow you to Sync your music to your Android Phone. There are many applications which do the same like Google Play Music, Spotify and most famous iTunes App for Android.

To Use iTunes For Android, I recommend you to Sync your Tunes through the official iTunes For Android Application. This is the best application as it helps you to Sync your iTunes to your Android phone as well as you are also able to use iTunes on your Android Phone.

But yes you may find many bugs and problems while using it in BETA Testing mode. You can see changes in the application of any recent updates. Apple may introduce its real version which will be really helpful for the users to Download iTunes On Android devices

Download iTunes on Android Mobile Phones:

To enjoy iTunes On Android the users are required to pay a charge of $10 every month which is mandatory. After all, it's Apple Inc. The quality provided is all equal worth spending the money. Once you have the paid $10 fee you will be able to access to iTunes For Android Devices which is totally as same as for iOS-based Devices but the IOS-based is it's chargeable for Android users whereas it's free for IOS users.

Inside the application, you can use iTunes On Android Phone and also able to sync your songs(If Any). But remember it's CHARGEABLE.

So, it was a Tutorial on How To Use iTunes For Android Devices. In This Tutorial, we discussed the official way of using iTunes for android mobile as well as tablet devices.

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